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 Rules Read Them Carefully

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PostSubject: Rules Read Them Carefully   Rules Read Them Carefully Icon_minitimeSat Sep 27, 2008 6:05 am

Account Rules:

- Dual / Triple etc. boxing is allowed, you may have as many connections with the same IP Address as you wish.

- Sharing accounts is allowed, but if someone steal your items you are the one responsible and Server Staff Members are not going to restore anything.

- If someone says that he is one of the Server Staff Members and he asks for your account passwords / usernames, you are responsible if he steal your items. We can just inform you, that a Server Staff Member, would never ask your account information.

- If we Roll-back / Wipe the server, items will not be restored and characters are going to be lost.

- Selling / Trading accounts using real money is not allowed. Exchanges by real money can be occurred only by our server's Donation System. Every player caught exchanging things using real money will be banned and the exchanging item will be deleted forever.

Gameserver Rules:

- You can swear other players, but every hatred will be revived when a Moderator is online.

- Don't swear mothers or other family staff. Every player caught swearing so hard will be banned without any warning.

- Don't swear the Lord. Every player caught swearing the Lord will leave the server!

- Botting / Using third party programs [L2 Walker / Hlapex etc.] is not working here, but if a player caught using it, he/she is going to be banned without any warning.

- Impersonating our Server Staff Members will result to get a ban in your account. Also, don't use the same names with our Server Staff Members, or titles. Every player who impersonates a Server Staff Member's copyright will be banned after warning.

- Exploiting bugs is not allowed and every bug found must be reported to a Server Staff Member immediately. Every player caught exploiting bugs or lags in order to success to his goal, will be jailed forever or banned.

- Advertising another servers (even if they are not activated), is not allowed here and every player trying to do it in Global Chat, or even PM will be banned without any warning.

- Spawn Player Killing is not allowed - You can't spawn-kill anyway.

- Don't use pets in towns because they make lags. Every player caught using a pet in a Peace Zone he will be jailed for 10 minuets.

- Using lower level buffs in order to make the players around weaker is not allowed in towns. However, you can do it while a PvP is occurred. Every player caught using hi/her buffs to another players in Peace Zones will be jailed for 5 minuets. However, the old buffs will not be restored from victims.

- Don't spam in Trade[+] chat, or Shout[!] chat. Every player caught spamming in Global Chat will be chat banned for 5 minuets.

- Sexual / Adult content is not allowed here and if a player advertise or even speak about an Adult site or movie he/she is going to get banned without any warning.
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Rules Read Them Carefully
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