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 another bug report *Updated*

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another bug report *Updated* Empty
PostSubject: another bug report *Updated*   another bug report *Updated* Icon_minitimeSat Oct 04, 2008 8:31 am

Hey ppl, this is my first post here, i saw some stuff on the server i think you should know..

First of all, and most important im my opinion, sometimes when i die i lose all buffs despite having noblesse buff on..please check into that quickly Shocked

Second, I found this 'supposedly' S grade special weapon in the custom shop NPC that costs about 967k and 'supposedly' has a huge attack, well..its barely as strong as a D grade weapon, it doesnt allow the usage of soul/spiritshots and it cant be enchanted, i cant remember the name of the weapon right now but when i log in again ill come back here and edit the post so that you know which one it is.

Third, this isnt a bug i think, its a mod you made..
Noblesse. One cant sell/trade/drop/freight CP pots and honestly that sucks. I mean, for me to use CP pots freely i have to spend 1.5KKK on EACH char i have? Cmon, thats nonsense. My clan came from other servers and we usually had everything structured like this: we had 4-5 guys with noblesse that made pots for the WHOLE clan, and whenever we went out for raids/sieges/etc we split those guys and each one made a party, that way everyone would get pots/noblesse buff..

Im not even going to start talking about the server not having a warehouse because, being L2J and all its kind of understandable but PLEASE..fix noblesse, i think all clans in the server would apreciate it.

Oh and one last thing, i know you GMs are all Greek but please, whenever you speak in gm chat use english..we foreigners start to feel kind of left out Sad

EDIT: The S grade weapont i told you about was a tomb savant.
I also found some skills that dont work, Warlocks' Feline King's abilities dont work Crying or Very sad please fix those quickly aswell, those skills are very important to that class's potential.

If i find other bugs ill be sure to post them here.

Until then, best regards to everyone,
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another bug report *Updated*
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